Thursday, 11 December 2003

Psychics fail to find runaway dog

Doug Baker of Portland, Oregon really missed his dog, Fremont, after it ran away. He spent over $15,000 in his search and neglected his business to the point where it failed. After a conventional animal tracker failed to find the dog, the tracker put Baker in touch with several psychics.

Each psychic claims to have contacted the dog, but none could produce any tangible benefit — aside, of course, from cashing Baker's checks. Fremont was eventually found after someone responded to Baker's ad in the newspaper. Just for kicks, Baker has sued the dog sitter who was on duty when the dog ran away.

The Oregonian had this to say ("Looking for Fremont"):

Baker hired all of them, paying between $55 and $100 a session. Each psychic claimed to have spoken with Fremont. One said someone had dragged Fremont into a car after putting something around his neck. Another said Fremont spoke to her, telling her that he saw a fence and the dogs were kept out of doors, sometimes in a kennel with a cover. Fremont told her, the psychic said, that the people holding him called him "Pal" and "Chief." He added that he missed his home.

But the psychics couldn't tell Baker where Fremont was.

Baker then turned to a white witch, a woman brought in to cast spells with candles, herbs and dream cards. She had given Baker two cards to put above his bed so he could tap into the spiritual world, where he'd connect with Fremont. Although Baker had a vision of an orange license plate, he'd never had a solid dream because, he said, his girlfriend kept waking him when she got up to go to the bathroom.

See also: "Owner sues pet sitter in loss of dog."

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