Thursday, 18 December 2003

Padilla not an "enemy combatant"

Score one for the good guys! The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has ruled that the President cannot simply classify Josť Padilla, a.k.a. Abdullah al Muhajir, as an enemy combatant on faith. The government alleges that Padilla was plotting to detonate a "dirty bomb" when it arrested him in Chicago in mid-2002. Since that time, the government has held Padilla — a U.S. citizen — in jail, incommunicado, and without bringing charges against him. The court gave the President 30 days to release him him or charge him with a crime under the rules of civilian criminal procedure. Links: majority opinion [pdf] and dissent [pdf]. News coverage: Washington Post, CNN.

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Topics: Civil Liberties
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