Saturday, 20 December 2003

Park on NMD

Bob Park has a particularly funny item in this week's What's New:

Missile Defense: Deployment is Still Scheduled for Late 2004
It was just one year ago that President Bush ordered deployment of a limited system of interceptor missiles in California and Alaska by the end of 2004 (WN 20 Dec 02). But in the meantime, according to a story this week in Space News, the test schedule has fallen behind by about six months. "Tough break," I said to my friend General Persiflage at the Missile Defense Agency, "how much will postponing the tests delay deployment?" He was clearly amused: "Not one day; it's all part of the plan. The Commander-in-Chief ordered us to deploy in 2004, and deploy we will. The only thing that could get in our way is to blow a test. So why ask for trouble?" He chuckled, "You scientists always think you have to do experiments. This is a faith-based initiative."

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