Friday, 9 January 2004

eVoting machines fail to record 134 votes in Broward County

Earlier this week, residents of Broward County, Florida cast votes to fill a vacant seat in the House of Representatives. Unfortunately, their shiny new electronic voting machines — which replaced the punch card system that became the bane of Al Gore's existence — failed to record 134 votes. The voting machines were made by Election Systems & Software. (Via LawGeek)

The Miami Herald reports:

How so many happened to cast nonvotes remains a riddle. Unlike with punch cards or paper ballots, there's no paper record with electronic voting that might offer a clue to the voter's intent.

The percentage of nonvotes — 1.3 percent — is modest compared to the days of ''hanging'' and ''pregnant chads.'' But in Tuesday's race, every vote was crucial. In a seven-candidate field, Ellyn Bogdanoff beat Oliver Parker by just 12 votes.

In 2000, everyone was quick to blame butterfly ballots, the archane chad-punching system, and partisan bickering for the massive confusion that reigned after the election. My new theory: Maybe it really was just the old people!

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