Thursday, 12 February 2004

Porn vs. Pirates

The New York Times ran an interesting article on Sunday that I just got around to reading today ("The Pornography Industry vs. Digital Pirates"). It compares the pornography industry's mature response to copyright infringement online (20 years in the making) to the recording industry's reactionary response.

Music executives say their campaign of lawsuits has been successful. They say they have spread the word that downloading free music infringes on copyrights and that there could be consequences for large-scale file sharers.

But the pornography industry has been dealing with Internet copyright issues since the 1980's. By comparison, the movie and music businesses are relative newcomers. [Tom Hymes, the editor of AVNOnline, a business magazine for the industry] said companies in his industry had come to realize that suing consumers and promoting "draconian laws" were not the answer. "No law written can stem the tide," he said. And so, he said, companies are seeking ways to live with the technologies that threaten them and are trying to turn them to their advantage.

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