Friday, 5 March 2004

Bush "answers" criticism from scientists

Bob Park, the persistent physicist behind What's New (the weekly newsletter of the American Physical Society), has frequently blasted President Bush for his handling of science and technology issues. Today, in his usual sardonic style, Park points out a particularly egregious example:

Barely a week after 60 prominent scientists issued a statement charging the Bush administration with manipulating the science advisory process (WN 20 Feb 04), the White House delivered an eloquent response ó two advocates of stem cell research were abruptly ejected from the Council on Bioethics, and replaced on the panel by three appointees whose opposition to stem cell research is solidly faith-based. Anybody else want to speak up? John Marburger, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, has apparently been assigned the task of belittling the scientistís statement, but the 60 prominent scientists who signed arenít backing down.

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