Sunday, 14 March 2004


The controversial and invasive web site DoctorsKnow.Us has been shut down by its operators. The site claims to have attempted to list every patient who has ever filed a medical malpractice lawsuit. Doctors and insurers might potentially have used this information to deny treatment or coverage to "litigious patients" otherwise known as "patients who had asserted their rights." (Via TechLawAdvisor, via

Quoth the site's home page:

DoctorsKnow.Us has permanently ceased operations as of 3/9/04. The controversy this site has ignited was unanticipated and has polarized opinions regarding the medical malpractice crisis. Our hope is that this controversy will spark a serious discussion that results in changes that are equitable to both patients and physicians. All charges that have been collected will be returned to members and trial members.

Doctors.Know.Us, L.L.C.

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