Wednesday, 11 August 2004

Gillmor interview in Wired

Wired published Xeni Jardin's interesting interview with veteran journalist Dan Gillmor. The occassion? The publication of Gillmor's new book, We the Media.

Among the highlights:

I'm worried, because the forces of centralization are winning almost all of the legal and political fights so far. Note the state attorneys general letter to the P2P folks — full of misinformation and bizarre interpretations of reality, but part of the copyright cartel's war on all forms of media it can't control.

The problem, as Lawrence Lessig and others have noted, is that absolute control is contrary to what users/customers must have — for example, to retain both some level of freedom and the ability to create new works that quote from older works. I hope this comes out right in the end, but I'm not counting on it at the moment.

Technology will be impossible to fully control, but bad laws can make it dangerous to use.

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