Tuesday, 2 November 2004

Election Night Fun

I took Donna's advice and asked for a paper ballot when I voted. (Santa Clara County uses Sequoia Voting Systems' AVC Edge touch-screen voting machines.) My buddy and I were not exactly looking for trouble, but we did go to our polling place prepared — ready to whip out a copy of Kevin Shelley's order if the poll workers gave us any trouble. (What do you expect from a couple of young lawyers with time on their hands?)

We had waited until the evening, hoping they would run out of paper ballots so we could have some fun with the situation. After standing in line for an hour, we were pleased (but, at the same time, slightly let down) to see a tall stack of paper ballots on the front desk. By this time, everyone was tired — the voters in line, the poll workers, and the volunteers — and tempers were short.

When I got to the desk, I did the only thing I could think of to lighten the mood. Rolling up my sleeve, I said, "This was the line for flu shots, right?"

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