Sunday, 25 December 2005

Misguided Balance

Matthew Nisbet asks an important question over at his new blog, Framing Science. The post in question is "MISGUIDED BALANCE: The Question of the Day." His question and the articles he links to are highly recommended reading.

If Judge John E. Jones III, a conservative, a lifelong Republican activist, an assistant Scout Master, appointed by George W. Bush, close friends with Rick Santorum, and with aspirations to be Governor of Pennsylvania, can weigh the evidence for and against intelligent design and conclude that it is perhaps the most one-sided policy debate in history, a "slam dunk," why couldn't many political reporters do the same in their coverage leading up to the trial?

In other words, why did reporters in so many cases resort to an artificial "he said, she said" balancing in their coverage of intelligent design when there was an *OVERWHELMINGLY* clear basis by which to evaluate claims?

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