Saturday, 24 February 2007

Bombs, Bombs Everywhere?

After the dust settled in Boston, Bruce Schneier took a look around. (Not until after he blasted the Boston authorities, however.) Here's what he wrote:

In New Mexico, a bomb squad blows up two CD players, duct-taped to the bottoms of church pews, that played pornographic messages during Mass. This is a pretty funny high school prank and I hope the kids that did it get suitably punished. But they're not terrorists. And I have a hard time believing that the police actually thought CD players were bombs.

Meanwhile, Irish police blew up a tape dispenser left outside a police station.

And not to be outdone, the Dutch police mistook one of their own transmitters for a bomb. At least they didn't blow anything up.

Okay, everyone. We need some ideas, here. If we're going to think everything weird is a bomb, then the false alarms are going to kill any hope of security.

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