Monday, 13 August 2007

How Inventive! (No. 2)

US Patent 6,025,810
Hyper-light-speed antenna
Invented by David Strom

The ansible — a long-time staple of science fiction — was been patented on February 15, 2000. This patent claims a device capable of communication at faster-than-light speed.

1. A method to transmit and receive electromagnetic waves comprising:
   generating opposing magnetic fields each having a plane of maximum force running perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the respective magnetic field;
   generating heat from a heat source along an axis parallel to the longitudinal axis of the magnetic field;
   generating an accelerator parallel to and in close proximity to the heat source, thereby creating an electromagnetic injection point; and
   generating a communication signal into the electromagnetic injection point, thereby sending and receiving the communication signal at a speed faster than a known speed of light.

Images from U.S. Patent 6,025,810

Images from U.S. Patent 6,025,810

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