Saturday, 9 May 2009

How Inventive! (No. 15)

Horses run, right?  That means they move in three dimensions.  In 1891, William Cronin and Cyril Adams of Philadelphia patented an improved merry-go-round that incorporates this three-dimensional movement into a classical children's play apparatus.  U.S. Patent 445,134 claims a merry-go-round in "which the animals, in addition to their movement of rotation about the axis of the machine, will be given a movement perpendicular to the floor of the machine. … The animals carried by platform A have not only a movement around this platform, but are also given a vertical movement, so as to have the appearance of running."

Figure 1 from U.S. Patent 445,134:
Figure 1 from U.S. Patent 445,134

Figure 2 from U.S. Patent 445,134:
Figure 2 from U.S. Patent 445,134

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