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Schools I've Attended

See my resume for details.

  1. Boston University; more specifically, the School of Law
  2. Yale University
  3. Saybrook College; I was President of Saybrook's student body in 1999–2000
  4. Oakland Mills High School, home of the Scorpions
  5. Oakland Mills Middle School
  6. Stevens Forest Elementary School

Places I've Lived & Worked

See my resume for details.

  1. Mount & Stoelker, P.C. in San Jose, California
  2. Wiggin & Dana in New Haven: Connecticut
  3. Regional Center of the East Bay (RCEB)
  4. The Abell Foundation
  5. Columbia, Maryland, my hometown.  I left in 1997 for sunnier skies in California; so what if I was 148 years late?
  6. Oakland, California, home of the California Museum
  7. New Haven, Connecticut, home of Yale University.
  8. Boston, Massachusetts, home of Boston University.  For the commercial side of Boston, see Boston.com.
  9. Belmont, California
  10. San Jose, California.  Specifically, Santana Row, 33S3 downtown, and Willow Glen

Software I Like

  1. 4t Tray Minimizer: Windows system tray utility for minimizing windows (proprietary)
  2. 7Zip: Efficient, compression utility (open source)
  3. Ashampoo Burning Studio: Optical disc tool suite (proprietary)
  4. Audacity: Sound editor (open source)
  5. CDex: Sound conversion and CD ripper (open source)
  6. ClamWin: Antivirus, antispyware (open source)
  7. Convert: Free unit conversion program (proprietary)
  8. FileZilla: Powerful and fast FTP client (open source)
  9. FoxIt Reader: Fast, stable, and free PDF reader (proprietary)
  10. Irfan Viewer: Fast, versatile, and free media viewer — with a lightweight editor (proprietary)
  11. Juke by WoLoSoft: Fast, customizable media player (proprietary)
  12. MailWasher: Mail previewer and spam protector (proprietary)
  13. Movable Type: The engine that powers DTM :<| (proprietary)
  14. Notepad++: Fast, powerful, customizable source code editor (open source)
  15. Opera: Greatest browser ever compiled (proprietary)
  16. PDF Creator: Free, fast PDF print utility (open source)
  17. PDFsam: PDF Split And Merge, just what it sounds like (open source)
  18. Privoxy: Client-side proxy server (open source)
  19. Proxomitron: Client-side proxy server (proprietary; not currently developed or supported)
  20. Shareaza: Multinetwork P2P client (open source)
  21. Skype: VoIP messenger (proprietary)
  22. Snood: The most addictive game I have ever played (proprietary)
  23. Speccy: See your computer's specs and vital stats at a glance (proprietary)
  24. ssed: Open-source version of sed, the classic stream editor (open source)
  25. Swiff Player: Shockwave & flash file viewer (proprietary)
  26. VideoReDo: Video editor (proprietary)
  27. VLC Media Player: "It plays everything!" (open source)
  28. XNews: Newsreader (open source)
  29. xplorer²: The file manager you wish Microsoft had included with Windows (proprietary)
  30. Zone Alarm: Software firewall, antivirus, and antispyware utility (proprietary)

Software for Palm Treo:

  1. BellTime: Multi-function alarm clock
  2. ClockPop: Popup clock tied to a Palm function button
  3. Converter: Free unit conversion program
  4. DateDiff: Date & calendar calculation utility
  5. FuelLog: Track and analyze a car's fuel consumption
  6. HolidayUSA & Chagim: Lists the calendar dates of USA and Jewish holidays
  7. ShopList: Create & edit durable shopping lists and check off items easily as you buy them
  8. World Clock: Tell time in different parts of the world, with a graphical display of sunshine

Fun Stuff

  1. This Is True: News commentary and miscellany
  2. Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
  3. Washington Capitals, cellar to stellar in one season
  4. The Onion: Biting satire and uncanny accuracy
  5. User Friendly: Tech humor
  6. Calvin & Hobbes: The two coolest dudes on paper
  7. Dilbert: Enough said
  8. Non Sequitor: A fresh look at everyday life
  9. For Better or For Worse: Close to home
  10. Doonesbury: Some of the best political commentary for the last 30 years
  11. Coca-Cola: Online refreshment


  1. Stop Sylvia Browne
    Stop Sylvia Browne
  2. Yale2000.org: Home of the Yale College Class of 2000
  3. TAFKAC: The Archives Formerly Known As Cathouse
  4. Snopes: the Urban Legend Reference Pages
  5. Michael Feldman: Skeptic to the core
  6. James "Kibo" Parry: net.god
  7. The Straight Dope: Brainchild of Ed Zotti Cecil Adams
  8. "Weird Al" Yankovic: No explanation needed?
  9. Dave Barry: Funniest columnist alive

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