Dan's Tribute to Unicycling

Graphic courtesy of the www.unicycling.org

Thrills. Adrenaline. Balance. Skill. Timing. Luck.

Do you remember learning how to ride a bike? Imagine for a moment that instead of falling in two directions (left and right) you can now fall in 360 directions. Instead of leaning comfortably forward onto your handlebars, you have to remain perfectly straight, or your steed will buck you. Staying balanced is a constant challenge because the slightest bump in the road jolts you from your steady, upright posture. Now you are unicycling.

When I got started, I was 19 and needed new thrills to keep from getting bored. Skydiving and bungee jumping were too expensive for a student's budget, so I had to find something different. I bought a unicycle on a whim, and after about a few months on one wheel, I started to get pretty good.

See photos of me on the uni!

If you see me on the street and you feel compelled to shout out a joke, don't. I guarantee I have heard it before.


Unicycling Society of America (USA)

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