Unicycle Jokes
that we've all heard before


One of the biggest problems for a unicyclist is the hammerheads who all tell the same jokes and think they were original. Here are some of my favorites.

Joker: Someone stole half your bike!
Reply: Someone stole half your joke!

Joker: Where did you lose the other wheel?
Reply: Around the head of the last guy who asked me that question.

Joker: When are you going to buy the rest of the bike?
Reply: When are you going to take off your training wheel?

Joker: Where is the rest of the circus?
Reply: Searching for the rest of your joke.

Joker: Are you a clown?
Reply: Yes.

Unicycling Dictionary

Unite: a nocturnal ride

Unity: a hot, usually caffeinated, beverage served in a cup designed to be carried while riding

Universe: poem about a one-wheeled transport and recreation device

University Student: student who rides a unicycle and writes poetry

Unidirectional: ability to steer a unicycle

Uniform: apparel worn when riding

Unilateral: a single sided unicycle

Unicorn: maize eaten while riding

Unique: (in British English) a line of unicyclists

Union: a single unicyclist

Unit: riding with one's arms extended 90 degrees to each side

Unitarian: a unicyclist with whom the government will not negotiate

Unix: riding in a cross pattern

Unison: (1) proof that prolonged exposure to unicycles does not cause sterility, or (2) a second generation (male) unicyclist

Universal Joint: skinny cigarettes passed around at the fringes of a unicycle gathering, often invoking a poetic frame of mind (and munchies)

Unisex: (1) how baby unicycles are made, or (2) a skill tested at Level 11

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