Dan Fingerman & Phuong Nguyen
Wedding 21 April 2007

Dan Fingerman & Phuong Nguyen (photo by Paul Fingerman)
Photo by Paul Fingerman

Phuong and Dan were married on Saturday, April 21, 2007 at the Chaminade Resort in Santa Cruz, California.  A Vietnamese ceremony preceded the wedding on Sunday, April 15, 2007.

Wedding Silhouette (thumbnail)Susan Helgeson took the professional photos at the Chaminade event.  Susan also took our engagement photos, including the wedding silhouette at Natural Bridges State Beach.  By popular demand, we've posted the beach silhouette photo here.  This version is low-resolution; if want a high-resolution version, contact Dan for licensing information.

Here is a preview of photos from both wedding events.  This preview selection will change from time to time.  Our entire wedding photography collection available on DVD, with commentary.  The full collection includes (1) high-resolution versions of all included photos, (2) the professionally-taken photographs from our engagement session and Chaminade ceremony & reception, (3) digital and film photographs taken by our guests, and (4) high-resolution scans from photos taken by our guests with disposable wedding cameras.  Email Dan if you want a copy of the DVD for personal use.  For now, copies of the DVD are free for wedding guests, for personal use.  If you want permission for other uses (e.g., for publication or advertising), contact Dan for licensing information.  All the photos are copyrighted, and nearly all the copyrights are owned by Dan & Phuong; contact Dan with any questions.

Our guestbook is still online, but we had to shut down new signings due to spam.

Vietnamese Ceremony

Front of the house


Waiting for groom #1

Waiting for groom #2

Receiving line

Staging gifts

Entering receiving line


Mothers advice

Lighting candles

Ring exchange

Serving tea #1


Serving tea #2

Dans parents

Dans family

Both parents

Nowitzky family

Greg Hintz




Chaminade Ceremony


Koi pond

Phuong getting ready

Dans parents

Dans posse

Walk down the aisle #1

Walk down the aisle #2

Walk down the aisle #3

Phuong walks down the aisle

Dans cousins

Wedding party on the hillside

Table candid photo at dinner

Flower girl

Overhead on the hillside

Overhead at the fountain

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