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Thank you for inviting Kris and I to your wedding. Kris and I really enjoyed meeting Phuong and you. It was nice to see Ethan and your parents. We hope you have a great time in Hawaii and many happy years together.
Rob Kaplan <rhkaplan@yahoo.com>
Thousand Oaks, CA USA -
Congrats, best wishes, and may you and Phuong be happy, healthy, and prosperous for the rest of your days. See you tomorrow!
Matthew Rafat
San Jose, CA USA -
May each day of your life together begins with the vows you made on your wedding day. May God strengthen, nourish,and comfort you always. Congratulations and best wishes!
Ed and Trini Aoalin
We wish you two happy, health and longevity. Most of all plenty of kids:):)!
Danny ( Sang) & Michelle (Phung) Le <s-hawaii@sbcglobal.net>
San Jose, CA USA -
Hi, Daniel & Phuong,
We are very excited about coming to your wedding. It will be great to have the whole family together for a joyous occasion again! Hopefully, Grandma can join us. Can't wait to get there! Love, The Alpert clan

Uncle Bob & Aunt Merle <robertalpert@hotmail.com>
We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the wedding!
Phuong Nguyen <phnnguyen@msn.com>
San Jose, CA USA -
Phuong and I appreciate everyone who is coming to our wedding and everyone who takes the time to sign this guestbook. Please leave us your comments!
Dan Fingerman <fingerman@aya.yale.edu>
San Jose, CA USA -

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